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Hello World | Namaskaram 🙏

I'm Merwin Poulose

Full-stack web developer 👨‍💻

Merwin Poulose

With over 6 years of professional experience, I am a passionate and knowledgeable developer with a broad skill set. My expertise ranges from developing customized and highly scalable web applications to crafting mobile apps, and I have extensive knowledge of all areas of web development.

I am confident in myself, easy-going, and patient, which makes me a great team player. I enjoy collaborating with others to achieve common goals, and I have a constant urge to learn and up-skill to stay ahead of the curve.

I have extensive knowledge of OOP, MVC Architecture, LAMP Stack, and Restful APIs, and I have gained exposure to all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - from requirement analysis to design, development, implementation, troubleshooting, and enhancement.

Initially starting as a PHP / Laravel developer, I have since upgraded my skills and am now working as a full-stack developer. My technical expertise includes:

I have also worked with various Content Management Systems, including Sanity, Storyblok, CraftCMS, Silverstripe, and WordPress. In addition to my development skills, I have experience in database management, cloud computing, and other tools and technologies, including:

I am always excited to take on new challenges and apply my skills and expertise to build innovative solutions that drive business growth and success.